High-Speed Gas Continuous Filtration with Pulse-Jet Cleaning

High-strength and super reliability sintered metal micropore filter cartridges and patent high speed flow nozzle with special structure as well as zoned and grouped pulse back blowing structure are used for the purification of high temperature and corrosive gases at high air flow directly。

Combined Liquid Back Washing Technology Aided by High Pressure Gas

The high performance integrated stainless steel or anti-corrosion rigid filter cartridg-es as well as the patent combined liquid back washing technology aided by high pressure gas and the surface filtration mechanism of blocking filtration cakes with micropores are used for purification and recovery of liquid materials and high temperature and corrosive medias.

Tube-Type Automatic Back Washing Filter

Tube-Type Automatic Back Washing Filter has employed mechanical separation principle, using the stainless steel wedge screen filter cartridges (Johnson Screen) at the inlet to separate the impurities from crude oils.

Coalescence and Separation Technologies

Any water or oil in the process materials will influence the operation safety of consequent devices and the product quality.

Continuous Filtration Technology with Combined Gas/Liquid Pressurized Back Washing and Low Cost Releasing

The high performance integrated stainless steel or anti-corrosion rigid filter cartridges components as well as continuous filtration technology with combined gas/liquid pressurized back washing and low cost releasing and the filter internal wall micropore filtration mechanism are used for purification and recovery of liquid materials.

Ultra Purification System with Metal or Composite Membrane

High efficiency aerosol filtration elements and components are the important parts for the small chemical industry test sampling and analysis and the qualified exhaust of gases of nuclear power plants.

Cross-Flow Filtration

The asymmetric filter cartridges made with the sintered metal powder material with the independent intellectual property of aeet are used as the filtration elements of the cross-flow filtration device which could return the filtration slurry to the reactor during the filtration operation.

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